Sno*Drift Rally

The only winter event on the ARA circuit!

Sno*Drift Rally is once again here in Montmorency County, Michigan, for this premeir racing event.

Sno*Drift Rally is a one day National Event in the northern reaches of Michigan. Approved by the American Rally Association (ARA), the Sno*Drift Rally is the only winter rally event recorded by the American Rally Association.

The Sno*Drift event is divided into two main rallies: One at Regional Level and one National Championship event. The Rally attracts more than 50 racing cars annually. What makes this event unique is that studded snow tires are illegal in Michigan and thus prohibited in the event, which brings new challenges to drivers because of slick driving conditions.

The Beginning of Sno*Drift Rally Event

The first Sno*Drift Rally event was done in 1973 as an SCCA Performance Rally series. It was then established as a National Event in 1997 at Montmorency County, Michigan. Following the subsequent years, Sno*Drift Rally has always been the start of the most famed rally season in the United States.

Over the years, spectators have been building bonfires throughout the entire course during the event. Davin Haggin’s is the only driver to win this event four times, and the closest margin of the victory is 0.6 seconds which was recorded in 2016.

The spectators gather by building bonfires 5 miles from the event start, thus adopting the name “Bonfire Alley.” The compacted vicinity of the stages is profoundly valuable to all the racers as it brings about more limited travel distances between stages and saves time, fuel and tire wear.

Event At-A-Glance

What: Wintertime Rally Event

Where: Atlanta Michigan

When: Late February

Distance:150 Miles


Event Rating: ★★★★★

Spectator Rating: ★★★★★

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