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Whether your an athlete participating in the event, or a spectator getting inspired for training, we have the Top Outdoor Endurance Events in your area that are not to be missed.

 Whether you’re an athlete looking to participate in an upcoming event or a spectator on the lookout for nearby events, we have information on the top outdoor sporting events!

The modern athlete is not training for a single event, they love the challenge and diversity of many!

The modern spectator doesn’t want to watch sports on television if there’s a better alternative!


When we sit at home and watch our favorite sporting events without the wind in our faces and the palpable excitement of competition, we are missing out. We’re tired of missing out! It’s time to get outside, soak up the vibes of outdoor sports, and create memories that last!

This is where Regional Top 10 comes in. We’ve compiled them all, so go explore upcoming outdoor sporting events near you!

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Motocross Race

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Marathons, Triathlon, Criterium and endurance events abound at every corner of North America.  From the lava fields of the Hawaii Ironman to the Dune Climb of Northern Michigans M22 Challenge, you’ll find North America’s Top Events here!   


Terrain diversity, oxygen levels, and weather phenomenon all play a factor in how we train for our local events.  We’ve broken the best events down by region so no matter the weekend, we’ve got an event for you to support. Athletes may not participate in every event, but we definately support our fellow athletes at every opportunity.


From the International 500 Snowmobile Race across the street from Canada in Sault Ste. Marie Michigan, to Jackson Hole’s outrageous snowmobile hill climb, to Minnesotas legendary Hay Days, and the NRRA Rock Racing Cup Series!   

A few of our favorites

Get in the game


Boyne Thunder


Twin Cities Tough Mudder


M22 Challenge


Birkie Week


International 500 Snowmobile Race

Cycling Race Century

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