Event Ranking

How we rate events

With so many great events we needed to be certain that our ratings are not arbitrary. We rate events in two categories: athlete and spectator. We believe both are needed.

  1. Event Longevity
  2. Event Social Presense
  3. Event Sponsorship Opportunities
  4. Growing or Maxed Event Attendance
  5. Current Event Website
    • Broken Links
    • Outdated Event Information
    • Security
    • Images
  6. Clear Event Details
    • Volunteer Opportunities
    • Parking
    • Registration
    • History
    • Lodging
    • Safety
    • Course
    • Timing
    • How to Train
    • Does your website language just speak to the locals who are familiar with the event, or is it speaking to the complete noob? Amazing how many event websites where you have to dig just to find the location.
    • Who are you? Does the event organizer clearly state who they are and why they do it?
  7. Event Spectator Information
  8. Event Schwag
  9. Keeping the sport alive
  1. Longevity
    1. We believe the event life must be a minimum of 5 years. This is typically the minimum amount of time required to get established and work out the kinks. The exception of course is roaming events; ie Ironman, Tough Mudder, etc.
  2. Social Presence
    1. Are you keeping your participant base up to date? Are you sharing the joys and defeats on a regular basis. You don’t need to be everywhere all the time, but a minimum amount or regular sharing can be key to selling out every year.
  3. Sponsorship Opportunities
  4. Fundraising can be the lifeblood of events. If you are able to sustain and grow on just registration fees alone..well kudos to you! However, our events can help fund entire communities and thus sponsorship opportunities need to be clear. Who, what, when….you get the idea.
  5. Current website
    1. If you have an ancient, segmented, slow, confusing website … it’s time for an upgrade.
  6. Event Details
    1. Cover the bases, clearly.
  7. Spectator Guide
    1. If you have a spectator guide on your event website than you’ve probably just shot to the top of the list! Great job!
    2. Spectators are often overlooked in our event info. Personally we feel the spectator is as important as the participant. They are our future athletes, or supporters, our potential volunteers, and they buy our event offerings. Don’t leave them out of the mix.
  8. Souvenirs? I hope so. We love event schwag!
  9. What are you doing in the off season? Are you offering smaller events? Are you clearing trails and picking up the trash? Are you giving back? What is your greater purpose?